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"The anticipation I experienced waiting for your book to arrive was unexplainable. When I received it I ripped open the package and immediately began reading. I was overcome with heartache and joy at the same time. The strength that it must have taken to be transparent is nothing but the anointing of God. You are truly an inspiration to me and anyone who gets the pleasure to be blessed by your words. Love does not have meaning unless it is shared."                                                                                  Jackie Wheeler



"Beautifully done by a dear woman of tremendous faith.....God's grace is sufficiant for all things."                                                                     

                                                            J. Parker



A testimony of "God is bigger!" and "God is up to something!"

                                                                           Rita Wren



"The author exposes her clergyman's great variance between his words of love versus his casual dismissal of their marriage."

                                                                               L. Gott




"Congratulations on your new book! I pray as you wrote the Holy Spirit allowed His healing and recovery process to being in your heart and life. I am humbled by your historical Godly service and love for the Kingdom of Christ. Ride On King Jesus; No man (or his actions) can hinder thee."                                        

                                                      Lizz Diggs

"Amazingly practical while deeply theological.  It is liberating because it endorses our inborn desire for joy and love."                                 

                                                     Alice Raibon



"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Love Notes from a Clergyman.  I felt your words and relived your story with you.  My prayer is that God will use your story to encourage others who have had similar experiences. God bless you richly. Thanks also for the honor of writing the Foreword."    

                                                   Dr. Tony Evans  


"If you or anyone you know has been touched by family violence, or if you are facing discouraging storms in your life, this is an excellent read for you. You will be inspired."                   - Nonie Jobe

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